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Let’s Get Started With the Foundations of Successful Trading

You’ve probably read it all over the internet. “Risk Management,” “staying cool,” “remaining calm”. It’s all true, but nobody tells traders actually how to implement these concepts concretely.

In reality, understanding risk is what separates a profitable trader from a trader who blows his entire account. Banks and large institutions have a firm grasp of this concept, and it is one of the major reasons they are successful at trading, and most day traders lose money.

If you aren’t interested in making size then stop reading now. For those traders and interested parties who actually want to learn how to make money in the market – keep reading. This is NOT going to be another boring article on risk management.

We highly recommend traders to NOT SKIP this discussion. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner/intermediate trader, or if you are a veteran trader of 30 years. This discussion is the core strategy of understanding risk and how to trade profitably and is valuable to everyone.

In the following discussion, you will get FREE access to Golden Trading Knowledge that other “trading academies either 1) don’t even know about, or 2) charge you thousands of dollars for. Our head trader Gary, with over 15 years of trading experience is passing on this knowledge to our SizeTrade community so that traders will finally understand why they are still losing money even though some traders may even be correct in their prediction of the market over 60% of the time.

This discussion will provide traders with real, concrete, simple yet invaluable fundamental mathematical concepts which can be applied starting NOW with your next trade.

Why Should you listen to us?

Because we understand what it takes to make money as a mathematical certainty.

The following discussion will show traders how to trade profitably by basing their trading strategies on very simple, but extremely important mathematical principles. Don’t worry – if you can add, subtract, multiply and divide, then you can understand the trading methodology. Just read it carefully. Follow and understand the examples. Then re-read it again as often as possible until you fully understand every word.

If you have questions about the content and would like to discuss it, then don’t hesitate to signup for our FREE chat with Gary, our head trader.

Understanding Risk and the Fundamentals of Trading Profitably:

The following is the foundation principles of understanding how to trade profitably and it is one of the major secrets of success of SizeTrade and ALL profitable traders regardless if they are individuals or large institutions.

Finally when we use the word “product” in the following discussion, we are referring to trading future indices, commodities and forex as well as equity trading. Although the discussion below can really be applied to any financial transaction.

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Risk management can be broken up into 3 major topics.



The trader must remain disciplined to the strategy and trade the strategy the same way every time. He must trade every single trade that the strategy affords i.e. he cannot decide


Money management

you always risk same amount of money per strategy regardless of the trade. I.e. the trader cannot decide one trade to risk $1000, and another trade only $200 because…


Mathematical Risk

The trader must establish the true and optimal mathematical risk and profitability for his strategy. He must calculate from historical data the best risk reward ratio which….