Eagle Signal


  • Intraday Signal
  • ES MINI S&P 500
  • Avg ES Point Profit / Week: 12-15
  • *Profit / Month / 1 Contract: $3000
  • Risk / Month / 1 Contracts: $3000
  • Stop Loss Points: 6
  • Points / Week Needed to Break Even: 3.5
  • Signals / Week : 5-10
  • Risk Reward Ratio: 6:6
  • Success Ratio : 65%-70%
  • Break Even Success Ratio: 50%
  • Minimum Contracts Traded: 1
  • Units / Week / Contract: 2.5
  • Signal Price / Month : $699


The Eagle Trading Strategy, incorporates over 200 different algorithmic indicators, giving us highly reliable entry points. The strategy uses a simple 1 to 1 risk reward (6 points or $300 profit per contract). These entry points give us a historically significant edge of being correct around 70% of the time. It gives on average 1 entry level per day. The Eagle signal has yielded an average of 2.5 net positive units per week historically.

Signal Price: $699/Month

5-10 Signals / Week
Profit / Month: $3000*

**We are absolutely positive that you will love trading the Eagle Signal, but, if for some reason you do not want to continue with the signal, just email us within 48 hours of purchase for a full refund – No questions asked!


  1. Is there a maximum number of trades that may be open at the same time ?

    If that information is not available, historically what are the average number of concurrent trades.


    1. Author


      There is usually only 1 trade open at one time. This is because a lot of our users have multiple different plans, and have more than 1 trade open at once would be doubling, tripling or quadrupling the risk.

      Very rarely, there will be a simultaneous offer/bid but usually only 1 gets filled.

  2. Hello,

    I signed up for the 7 day trial, I look forward to a successful trial that will likely lead to signing up for your services.

    I have the following questions.

    On https://www.sizetrade.com/sizetrade-signals/ it shows $6000 profit / week and 5 trades per week for the eagle package.

    The detailed page for the eagle package (https://www.sizetrade.com/eagle-signal/) shows 5-10 signals per week and $3,000 profit per month.

    Please explain the differences in these numbers.

    Risk:Reward ratio 6:6, please confirm this means that trades would be risking 6 points with a target profit of 6 points.

    Also, what is the definition of units?

    65%-70% Success Ratio – what defines success? does this mean 65%+ of the trades are profitable?

    50% Break Even Strategy – please explain how this is measured.

    How long has size trade been providing emini chat room services?


    1. Author

      Hi Brian,

      Thanks for your questions. There is an inherent problem with projecting profits with futures as everyone trades with a different amount of contracts and a different amount of risk per trade (units). Ultimately, the real question is not how much are you making, but more like how much are you risking in order to make X.

      On http://www.sizetrade.com/sizetrade-signals the projected profits are based on trading 10 contracts (most of our SizeTraders are trading betwee 4 to 10 contracts so we just used a round number) as shown by the “*” and is calculated per week (instead of month).
      If you divide $6000 by 10 contracts and multiply by 4 (for 4 weeks) then you get ~$2400 projected profits per month. We have been having more than 5 trades/week, and we’ve been having more signals than normal recently with it hence the 5-10 signals per week, which when doing the math, skews the projected profits to ~$3000 based on 1 contract per month that you see on the “Eagle-Signals” page.

      Risk:Reward 6:6 means that we are risking 6 ES points to make a target profit 6 ES points.

      Units = a set amount that a trader is willing to risk. Please see the following article for a full discussion of calculating units and why it’s best to calculate and manage your risk management with units: https://www.sizetrade.com/developing-sound-risk-trading-strategy/

      65%-70% success ratio = of those signals which get filled, how many are profitable.
      50% break even strategy – since we are risking 6 ES points to make 6 ES points, we need to be correct 50% of the time on our trades to break even, (as opposed to 1:3 r/r where you only need to be correct 25% to break even or 1:2 r/r where you only need to be 33%)

      We do not provide “chat room” service, but provide the signals via our SizeTrade app and email. We have been providing it since January 2016, although the signals themselves have been traded for years.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions and don’t hesitate to ask.
      SizeTrade Support

  3. Hello,
    Can you explain this to me as to how to trade it.
    Offering 2172.75 6:6 ( 2178.75 stop, 2166.75 bid)
    Also is there any way i can be setup to talk to Gary so he can explain one or two things for me?

    1. Author

      offering = sell limit
      stop = buy stop
      bid = buy limit
      Sure we can setup a phone call no problem. Just email us your phone number and we will setup a time.

  4. Hello, I can’t trade a black box signal. So, for that reason I did not like the signal. If you could share the trade logic – even without the specific details – it would help.


    1. Author

      We use proprietary indicators, to spit out levels for us that have high historic probability. The signals are not perfect, but the idea is when combined with proper risk management (using math logic and not emotion) we are able to make profitable trades. Please see our article on risk management to understand more about how the actual signal should be combined with proper risk, in our opinion.

  5. Hello,

    I took the trial last week and then talked with Gary today. I am definitely going to subscribe going forward! He had stated that you were offering a specials for 3 mo., 6 mo., 12 mo subscriptions and had said to ask you about those.

    Anyway, looking forward to the future. I appreciate your help.


  6. Hi, Ok. I will sign up for a month.Do I get signals starting tomorrow or it should be beginning of the week?


    1. Author

      Hi Will,

      In my opinion, you should sign up on the 31st so that you can start receiving signals on the 1st and maximize your month. We think liquidity will go back to more normal levels once September rolls in and even more so after labor day.

  7. I was fortunate to take the trial last week and would like to start with the signals next week, i.e. after the holiday.
    The offer was given earlier to get to speak with Gary and I do have a few questions so if possible, I would like to take advantage of the opportunity to do so. Just let me know how to proceed.

    Thank you and have a great day.


  8. Hi,

    Nice talking to you yesterday. I understand the Eagle Alerts need extreme alertness from a trader. It’s about 18 hours of alert, Sunday 6 pm, ET, to Friday 4:30
    pm, ET weekly.

    I want to know, if you could give me an idea, what time period on average most alerts are sent. From last week’s trial, I found that no alerts were sent overnight,
    say between 9 pm to next day 7 am. If this is the likely pattern, then it will be fine for my trading. Also, I am getting into the mobile trading slowly, in case I travel
    for short periods.


    1. Hello Subhash,
      Gary goes out of his way to try to be mindful of not sending too many orders out overnight.
      But be mindful that the futures market is open 23+ hours a day, and if if the setup occurs he has no choice but to trade it.
      I would say for Eagle 70% of trades are between 7AM – 4PM EST, another 25% are from 4PM – 11PM and then 5% of the time they are over night.

  9. Hello,

    I had your 1 week (from Aug 14 to Aug 19) trial of the Eagle Signal system, and I had to admit that the trading system really good (up 15 points in one week). Although the system is a very costly one (699
    USD a month!), but as per your calculation it would pay off itself in week`s trading. Right now I can trade only one contract at one time, and I have to be very alert and careful in trading each alert. Two
    week`s consecutive loss (30 points (at 15 points per week), or $1500) will be gut wrenching! I am not sure how to circumvent this issue, in case it happens again (may be a remote possibility!).

    Most of your alerts provided enough time to place trades well in advance, but one trade last Tuesday morning, at 7:05 AM EST, did not provide enough time to place the trade and I missed that one (of course
    on my demo account).

    If you have a performance history of the Eagle Signal, say over the last two years, I appreciate if you could send me a copy of the history. This will give me enough confidence to subscribe to the signal

    1. Author

      Hello Subhash,
      I’m glad that you enjoyed and saw the value in our signal.
      Indeed, if you are trading 1 contract within 1 week you, you should be able to pay off the price of the program.
      I totally understand that our system is more expensive than others – but its for a reason and its because our system adds true value to our traders arsenal.
      As you saw, these signals have accurate levels, and they actually work. Traders can make much more money off the signals than the signals cost. The truth is, the way we look at it, we are charging a nominal fee for an amazing product. I’m not counting your money – I’m just saying for making 15 points on avg a week, $699 isn’t asking for a lot at all considering trading is scalable and most of our traders trade between 5-10 contracts a trade.
      Indeed, trading always requires alertness, and while this isn’t something that goes away, you do become more fluid as you work with our alerts. Also we do our best to send out signals between 7AM – 11PM EST but as you know the market is open 23 1/2 hours a day and Gary tries his best not to send out signals in the middle of the night, but if there’s a trade, then we trade it.
      We trade all SizeTrade signals as well as additional proprietary signals in 1 trading account. We do not break up our trades based on strategy, and we don’t make our trading history public. We feel that 1 week free of testing our signals and levels is enough for traders to see the value we add.
      Let me know if you have any further questions

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