Eagle January 2017 Trading Log & Results

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January 2017 was a slow month for us.  The first part of the month we had a few trades which put us up +7 ES points.  Afterwards, the market was stuck in the 2250 to 2260 range for the majority of the month. The market just barely moved 1% and we simply didn’t have a lot of trades. Sometimes it’s best to just sit on your hands and know when not to trade so that you avoid getting chopped up. Most guys got another +4.25 towards the end of the month, but then we caught a -6 the last day on the 31st.  All in all, we were up 5.25 points.  Again, most importantly in these types of months is not to get chewed up and lose profits.

Results: Eagle is a 6:6 strategy so most trades we risk 6 points to make 6 points, although a few times because our indicators turned from bullish or bearish to neutral we take profits or losses early. We were only filled 3 times in total for +5.25 points.

Here is the full log, adjusted for Eastern Standard Time.


  1. Bidding 2245.25 6:6 (2239.25 stop, 2251.25 offer)  1/3/17 9:06 AM
  2. Moving up stop to 2248.25 leaving offer as is 1/3/17 3:50 PM
  3. Stepping stop up again to 2249.25 here 1/3/17 3:53 PM
  4. Stepping stop up again to 2250.25 1/3/17 3:57 PM
  5. +6 on this one, missed getting stopped out by one tick  good way to start month and year !!!! 1/3/17 4:00PM
  6. Bidding 2249.25 6:6 (2243.25 stop, 2255.25 offer)  1/4/17 9:55 AM
  7. Stepping bid up to 2256.25 6:6 (2250.25 stop, 2262.25 offer)  1/4/17 2:39 PM
  8. Daily update: didn\'t get any fills today still have a bid in will raise it after the reopen.  1/4/17 5:02 PM
  9. Raising bid to 2259.25 6:6 (2253.25 stop, 2265.25 offer) I will prob update it again if we don\'t get filled in a few hours  1/4/17 6:04 PM
  10. Stepping up one last time for tonight 2260.25 bid 6:6 (2254.25 stop, 2266.25 offer) 1/5/17 11:33 PM
  11.  Moving stop up to breakeven, because I don\'t love the action (2260.25) leaving limit offer as is for now. 1/5/17 9:00 AM
  12. Lowering offer to 2261.25 for +1 here  1/5/17 9:10 AM
  13. Got filled 2261.25 for +1 just wasn\'t liking the action going into the us open. Will look to get back in later. 1/5/17 9:13
  14. Daily update : +1 on the day taking us +7 on week. Was a slow day as my indicators stayed pretty neutral after open. Will look for more trades tomm am. Don\'t think we will have any signals overnight.  1/5/17 5:18PM
  15. Bidding 2256.50 6:6 (2250.50 stop, 2262.50 offer)  1/6/17 10:47 AM
  16. Weekly update: ended the week +7 on only trades considering was a short week (4 trading days) and Friday we had jobs I\'ll take it. Looking forward to getting back to normal next week as it will be the first full week of the year.  1/7/17 1:03 PM
  17. Going to look to send out a bid after the reopen. Looking forward to an active good week   1/8/17 4:10 PM
  18. Bidding 2266.25 6:6 (2260.25 stop, 2272.25 offer) 1/9/17 8:35 PM
  19. Going to step up to 2267.25 6:6 (2261.25 stop, 2273.25 offer)  1/9/17 9:08PM
  20. Offering 2267.25 to get out even as we get close to the my close. 1/9/17 3:35 PM
  21. Traded our offer,but not sure if everyone got it. Just in case you didnt get it leave stop and offer as is 1/9/17 4:38 PM
  22. Daily update : slow day today hopefully most of you got out break even, if not hopefully will get filled overnight. Going to let market resolve itself here and then look for more trades. 1/9/17 5:04 PM
  23.  Daily update: no trades today as market stayed pretty range bound today. Hoping for some opportunities tomorrow. 1/10/17 3:35PM
  24.  Daily update : no trades today as market moved a round a bit today, but didnt break out of its current range. Still waiting for the right entry . 1/11/17 3:03 PM
  25. Daily update: no trades today, market cant seem to break out of this 2260 range :(. Fortunately for us we are sitting on sidelines and not getting chopped up :) 1/12/17 4:56 PM
  26. Daily Update: Very slow week for us this week. Lots of false breakouts and breakdowns. the end result was flatish trading. Wouldve been easy to get chopped up, so sometimes the best trades are the ones you dont take. Next week, hopefully we break out of the range and get some good trades. 1/13/17 4:20 PM
  27. Daily update: wasnt expecting much on holiday shortened trading day. Market didnt move much and continues to be stuck in the 2260ish range. Im hoping it breaks out of this range soon either up or down so we can get more active. 1/17/17 2:03 PM
  28. Daily update: another quiet day :( market couldnt break out of this 2260 range. Also had a very small daily range. Still hoping for a breakout of the range soon
  29. Daily update: sorry for late update had a phone call that ran long. Market was in a tight range again today, just no opportunities to exploit. Still waiting for market to get out of this 2260s level. Hoping after the inauguration market starts moving again. 1/18/17 6:31 PM
  30. Daily update: market moved a little more today almost breaking out of the 2260 range its been in for last 2 weeks. Unfortunately last hour buying pushed it back into the range :(. Hoping tomm will be the day we finally get out of the range and we can catch some trades 1/19/17 5:19 PM
  31. Weekly update: the market unfortunately has been stuck in a range for last 2 weeks :(. The good news is we have sat on sidelines instead of being chopped up like so many traders out there. A lot of times your year comes down to how well you did when the market was slow and choppy. Hopefully this 2260 range is coming to an end. We will be making a podcast this week talking about how important it is not to over trade and not to give back profits in a time like this. We will also touch on why the market is sideways here. Hoping for an eventful and positive week !!! 1/22/17 10:47 AM
  32. Daily update : another day another close in the 2260s. This has been the dullest market I have seen in a very long time. Luckily we have sat on sidelines and not getting chopped up. Its 13 trading days now w a close in the 2260s. Hoping one of these days we will finally break out of this range. We had another false breakdown today that looked very tempting to play, but luckily we decided to sit on our hands. 1/23/17 4:11 PM
  33. Daily update: seems like finally we are going to close out of the 2260s :). Now we just have to hold above this level and most likely we will have some bids tomm am or during the day !!!!! 1/24/17 4:46 PM
  34. Good morning sizetraders not 100% sure we have broken out of the range, but certain enough to take a shot with a bid here 2277.25 bid( 2271.25 stop, 2183.25 offer) for my take on the markets, please take a listen to the podcast we put up today. Mentions the bullish case and the potential bearish one near term. 1/25/17 7:49 AM
  35. Daily update: no fill today :( finally getting some movement. Going to raise the bid after the reopen. 1/25/17 4:41 PM
  36. Raising bid to 2286.25 bid 6:6 ( 2280.25 stop, 2292.25 offer ) 1/25/17 6:05 PM
  37. Stepping up to 2288 6:6( 2282 stop, 2294 offer ) 1/26/17 8:16 Pm
  38. Good morning size traders, raising bid to 2293.50 6:6 (2287.50 stop, 2299.50 offer) 1/26/17 6:58 AM
  39. Long here at 2293.50, first trade in about 2 weeks. Hoping to get back to have bids and offers everyday and 5+ trades a week. 1/26/17 8:06 AM
  40. Selling here market as indicators start turning neutral / bearish 1/26/17 11:01 AM
  41. Got out 2293 -50 cents 1/26/17/ 11:03 AM
  42. Going to offer 2293.25 6:6 (2299.25 stop, 2287.25 bid) 1/26/17 11:05 AM
  43. Short here, hoping the indicators follow through now 1/26/17 11:06 AM
  44. As well as bidding to cover our short at 2287.25. Im also bidding 2287.25 to get long 6:6 (2281.25 stop, 2293.25 offer) 1/26/17 1:17 PM
  45. Going to bid 2290.25 to cover the short leaving 2287.25 bid to get long for now 1/26/17/ 3:43 PM
  46. Going to leave short over the one hour break keeping 2290.25 bid in place to cover the short. Will update the bid to get long after the open. Also leaving stop for short at initial level (2299.25) for now. 1/26/17 4:37 PM
  47. Going to raise the bid to get long to 2289.25. Leaving bid to cover short at 2290.25 1/26/17 6:04 PM
  48. The stop for long if we get filled at 2289.25 will be (2283.25 stop, 2295.25 offer) 1/26/17 6:06 PM
  49. Daily update: took a .50 loss on the long as indicators went from bullish to bearish/neutral. Still involved in the short, hopefully will work out overnight. We also have a bid to get long a little bit lower. Hopefully will be a good night :) 1/26/17 6:32 PM
  50. Gm sizetraders, an uneventful sideways 12 hrs. Im canceling the bid to get long. Also raising bid to 2292.75 as all the signals have Gone neutral with the sideways action. 1/27/17 7:03 AM
  51. Filled 2292.75 +.50 on this one to make up for yesterdays .50 loss. Hoping we will get a signal later today once indicators choose a direction. 1/27/17 7:06 AM
  52. Offering 2292.25 6:6 ( 2298.25 stop, 2286.25 bid) 1/27/17 11:10 AM
  53. Weekly update: after a slow 3 weeks we finally got some orders in. We ended up flat for week, as market went sideways for Thur and Friday. We have an offer out that we will update after the open tonight. Looking froward to a good last week of the month. Still +7 for January hoping for 2 pos trades this week to get us up to +20 for the month. 1/29/17 10:22AM
  54. Lowering offer to 2290.75 6:6 (2296.75 stop, 2284.75 bid ) 1/29/17 6:04 PM
  55. Gm sizetraders, no fill or much movement overnight :( lowering offer to 2287.75 6:6 (2293.75 stop, 2281.75 bid) 1/30/17 7:03 AM
  56. Lowering offer to 2277.75 6:6 (2283.75 stop, 2271.75 bid) 1/3/17 2:47
  57. Daily update: no fills today as market didnt bounce high enough. Will look to update offer after reopen. Hopefully get filled overnight 1/30/17 5:48PM
  58. Going to lower offer to 2277.25 6:6 (2283.25 stop, 2271.25 bid) 1/30/17 6:01 PM
  59. Lowering offer one last time for tonight to 2276.75 6:6 (2282.75 stop, 2270.75 bid) 1/30/17 8:25 PM
  60. If filled great lowering stop to breakeven 2276.75. Keeping bid as is (2270.75). If no fill cancel offer :( 1/30/17 9:42 PM
  61. For those filled taking 2272.75 for +4. If filled we got top tick :) if not filled its ok we will catch the next one !!! 1/30/17 9:54 PM
  62. 2272.50 fill for +4.25 1/30/17 9:54 PM
  63. Going to bid 2273 here to get long ( 2267 stop, 2279 offer) 1/31/17 7:11 AM
  64. Stopped out on this one -6. Market cant seem to get its legs under itself in the early going. Will continue to monitor and see if we can catch any opportunities later today 1/31/17 9:57 AM
  65. Daily update : -1.50 on day, going to put out some after the reopen 1/31/17 5:00PM

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