Eagle February 2017 Trading Log & Results

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February 2017 started off as a slow month as the market continued to stay range bound in the 2260 range. We got chopped a bit and were minus 8 points the two weeks.  The 3rd and 4th we eventually broke out and we were able to nail 2 solid weeks, both +12 ES point weeks, for a total of +24 ES points. Unfortunately last day of the month we got whacked with a minus 6 trade, leaving us +10 ES points for the month.

We still hold by the policy that it’s best to be conservative and avoid getting chopped up when the market doesn’t give you any good opportunities to trade, and then crush it when the market moves. We like only giving the highest probability trades.

Results: Eagle is a 6:6 strategy so most trades we risk 6 points to make 6 points, although a few times because our indicators turned from bullish or bearish to neutral we take profits or losses early.

We has 10 trades in total,

Here is the full February 2017 log, adjusted for Eastern Standard Time.

  1. Bidding 2273.25 6:6 ( 2267.25 stop, 2279.25 offer ) Jan 31 6:04 PM
  2. Raising bid to 2276.50 6:6 (2270.50 stop, 2282.50 offer ) Feb 1 7:26 AM
  3. Raising bid to 2277.25 6:6 (2271.25 stop, 2283.25 offer ) Feb 1 10:04 AM
  4. Stopped out as market floor has fallen out. Not sure why the aggressive selling, but was enough to get us out 🙁 Feb 1 11:02 Am
  5. -6 on the day as the market has moved up and down around the mid 2270 level. Hoping to catch some good trades into next few days now that fed meeting is in rear view mirror. Feb 1 4:04 PM
  6. Market is still stuck here in this mid 2260- mid 2270 level. Going to send an offer out at 2270.75 6:6 (2276.75 stop, 2264.75 bid) hoping market can finally move out of this annoying range. Feb 2 7:07 AM
  7. Raising bid to 2267.75 to take 3 points Feb 2 8:53 AM
  8. Even though we got top of the move and it doesnt look bad. The nature of this sideways market has me nervous, with the open coming up its wise to take the profits and reassess after the open. Im also lowering stop to breakeven (2270.75) Feb 2 8:55 AM
  9. Out flat 🙁 we were just a tick away when market turned on us. Its prudent to stay conservative while market figures out what it wants to do. Feb 2 9:15 AM
  10. Daily update: got out of the trade flat today, as market is just stuck in this range closing again in the mid 2270s Feb 2 4:19 PM
  11. Waiting for after the jobs number and then based on action will hopefully have some orders. Feb 3 7:47 AM
  12. Bidding 2275.25 6:6 (2269.25 stop, 2281.25 offer ) Feb 3 9:16 AM
  13. Raising bid to 2285.25 6:6 (2279.25 stop, 2291.25 offer) might update one more time tonight. Feb 5 6:04 PM
  14. Raising the bid to 2290.50 6:6 (2284.50 stop, 2296.50 offer) Feb 6 7:10 Am
  15. Not liking the action here at all going to offer 2289.50 and keeping stop as is. Im also going to offer 2289.50 to get short 6:6 (2295.50 stop, 2283.50 bid) Feb 6 8:28 AM
  16. Stopped out as market floor just fell out. Havent seen any specific news for this move. For now keeping my offer to short at 2289.50 Feb 6 8:36 Am
  17. Im also going to bid 2279 6:6 (2273 stop, 2285 offer) Feb 6 8:41 AM
  18. Going to get out here market at 2284.50 Feb 6 1:18 PM
  19. +5 on this one as there is a bit of support here. Feb 6 1:19 PM
  20. Going to raise bid to get long to 2280.25 6:6 (2274.25 stop, 2286.25 offer) Feb 6 1:20 PM
  21. Daily update : another slow low vol day high to low with overnight sessions was around 10 points or just .5%. We ended the day -1 as the support level gave way and then became resistance where we caught the short. We have a bid below the market that Im keeping as is for now, I might raise it after the reopen Feb 6 4:31 PM
  22. Raising bid 2289.25 6:6 (2283.25 stop, 2295.25 offer) Feb 7 8:19 AM
  23. Moving stop up to 2288.25 here as I dont like action Feb 7 2:04 PM
  24. Out -1 at 2288.25 Feb 7 2:05 PM
  25. Going to offer 2288.50 6:6 (2294.50 stop, 2282.50 bid) Feb 7 2:07 PM
  26. Daily update: another day another slow one. High to low is less then .5% 🙁 in my 20 years of trading I dont remember such a quiet market outside the doldrums of summer trading. Anyways we took a 1 point loss on long and still in the short going to end up holding over the 1 hour break most likely. The key to a slow market like this is to minimize your losses and take advantage of winners when u can. Which is what we are trying to do right now. Feb 7 4:20 PM
  27. Lowering stop to break even (2288.50) leaving bid as is at 2282.50 Feb 7 6:01 PM
  28. Got out flat overnight as market continues to just chop around. It is officially the longest streak without a 1% intraday move in the history of sp500 (36 days) :(. We have to just continue to be conservative and minimize losses while taking the best setups. The difference between a good year and a bad one sometimes comes down to how you do when market is chopping around. So its prudent to sit on your hands and be conservative 🙁 eventually market will get back to normal and we will resume making 40 points a month. 🙂 Feb 8 7:26 Am
  29. Daily update: we got out of short flat and after a bit of churn it wouldve worked out. Unfortunately in this environment better to be safe than sorry. Eventually the market will make a move and we need to make up for this annoying sideways action. Feb 8 2:12 PM
  30. Bidding 2289.25 6:6 (2283.25 stop, 2295.25 offer) 7:14 AM
  31. Daily update: market never came down enough to fill our bid, but we finally got some movement and hopefully this is the beginning of normal trading :). I will update my bid after the reopen Feb 9 4:22 PM
  32. Stepping up bid to 2297.25 6:6 (2291.25 stop, 2303.25 offer) I might update one more time tonight. Feb 9 6:06 Pm
  33. Stepping up to 2301.25 6:6 (2295.25 stop, 2307.25 offer ) Feb 9 8:25 PM
  34. Gm sizetraders stepping up bid to 2304.25 6:6 (2298.25 stop, 2310.25 offer) Feb 9 7:01 AM
  35. Going to step the bid up to 2305.25 6:6 (2299.25 stop, 2311.25 offer) Feb 10 7:13 AM
  36. Going to step one more time to 2306 6:6(2300 stop, 2312 offer) Feb 10 9:15 Am
  37. Canceling the bid as just didnt come in the few extra ticks we needed to get long. Good part is market looks like its behaving again. Feb 10 10:35 AM
  38. Raising bid to 2310.25 6:6 (2304.25 stop, 2316.25 offer) Feb 12 6:01 PM
  39. Stepping up here to 2313.25 6:6 (2307.25 stop, 2319.25 offer) last update for the night so hopefully we will get it and out before the morning 🙂 Feb 12 10:23 PM
  40. Missed the bid by a tick overnight 🙁 stepping up to 2314.50 6:6 (2308.50 stop, 2320.50 offer) Feb 13 7:13 AM
  41. Raising the bid again to 2315.25 6:6 (2309.25 stop, 2321.25 offer) Feb 13 8:50 AM
  42. Going to step up again to 2316.25 6:6 (2310.25 stop, 2322.25 offer) I still cant believe we missed our long by a tick overnight 🙁 Feb 13 10:17 AM
  43. Stepping bid up again as market sits at the highs to 2318 6:6 (2312 stop, 2324 offer) Feb 13 11:50 AM
  44. Daily update : missed the long by a tick overnight and market never looked back 🙁 Ill be updating the bid after the reopen. Feb 13 4:34 PM
  45. Stepping up bid to 2322.25 bid 6:6 (2316.25 stop, 2328.25 offer) Feb 13 6:03 PM
  46. Last update for the night, stepping up bid to 2323.25 6:6 (2317.25 stop, 2329.25 offer) Feb 13 11:03 PM
  47. We got the low tick overnight, if you didnt get filled cancel the order. If you got filled in going to be a bit conservative and move stop up to breakeven 2323.25 Feb 14 7:40 AM
  48. If we get stopped out at breakeven here going to bid 2320.25 6:6 (2314.25 stop, 2326.25 offer ) Feb 14 9:30 AM
  49. Out breakeven, had the perfect entry level (low of overnight session ), but unfortunately it only went up 4 points before reversing. the lack of vol isnt helping us. 🙁 Feb 14 9:32 AM
  50. Canceling bid as market bouncing here and yellen speaking in 30. Was hoping for a big swish down and bounce before she speaks. Doesnt look like that will happen. Feb 14 9:39 AM
  51. 2320.25 level ended up working perfectly. Even though we decided too skip it do to yellen speaking. Im very encouraged that the levels are working very well (like they are supposed to). So even though we are still stuck with low vol I will begin to be a K that more aggressive and hopefully very soon we will be back to a normal environment Feb 14 12:06 PM
  52. Daily update : out flat today before yellen spoke. Will be putting in a bid after the reopen Feb 14 4:29 PM
  53. Bidding 2329.25 6:6 (2323.25 stop, 2335.25 offer) will update if not filled later tonight Feb 14 6:09 PM
  54. Stepping up to 2331.25 6:6 (2325.25 stop, 2337.25 offer) should be the last update tonight. Feb 14 9:42 PM
  55. Stepping up bid here to 2334.25 6:6 (2328.25 stop, 2340.25 offer) Feb 15 6:58 AM
  56. +6 on this one 🙂 going to continue to stay more aggressive as some vol is coming back into the market Feb 15 11:10 AM
  57. Daily update: +6 today, will be looking to bid after the reopen Feb 15 4:04 PM
  58. Bidding 2342.25 6:6 (2336.25 stop, 2348.25 offer) will probably update one more time tonight if no fill. Feb 15 6:08 PM
  59. Stepping up bid to 2343.25 6:6 (2337.25 stop, 2349.26 offer) Feb 15 9:46 PM
  60. Stepping up bid to 2346.25 6:6 (2340.25 stop, 2352.25 offer) Feb 16 7:03 AM
  61. Raising stop to breakeven (2346.25) lowering offer to 2349.25 Feb 16 9:35 AM
  62. Raising stop to 2348.25 Feb 16 9:37 AM
  63. Out 2348.25 for +2 as my indicators start going neutral for first time in weeks Feb 16 9:38 AM
  64. Bidding 2340.50 6:6 (2334.50 stop, 2346.50 offer) Feb 16 9:40 AM
  65. Lowering offer to 2344.50 keeping stop as is for now. Feb 16 3:01 PM
  66. Raising stop to breakeven (2340.50) as we enter the last hour of the day. Feb 16 3:12 PM
  67. Raising stop to 2342.50 Feb 16 3:25 PM
  68. Out +4 on this one, +6 on the day Feb 16 3:34 PM
  69. Daily update : had 2 trades today got out of first for +2 at the highs of the move bec indicators turned neutral. Ended up buying back lower and got +4 on that one. So +6 on day and +12 on week. Considering we missed a trade by a tick and vol is still low, it is a decent week. Anyways my levels seem to be on point and I will continue too look for opportunities somewhat aggressively. Feb 16 3:51 PM
  70. Hey sizetraders, after an active good day yest. All of our indicators are pretty neutral here, so Im going to play it a bit conservative considering its options expiration as well as Friday before long weekend. sometimes market can make big moves on small volume. Will look for opportunities after the ny open and look for only very high % setups. We are +12 this week so I dont see a reason to push it here. We will be back to being aggressive next week. Remember sunday we have a regular open (6pm et), but will close early Monday due to Presidents Day holiday (1 pm et). Feb 17 8:01 AM
  71. Bidding 2342 6:6 (2336 stop, 2348 offer) will update again prob later tonight. Remember Es closes tomm at 1 pm et due to Presidents Day. Feb 19 6:04 PM
  72. Stepping up to 2344.25 6:6 (2338.25 stop, 2350.25 offer ) hopefully we get filled overnight otherwise we will update tomm am Feb 19 10:53 PM
  73. Stepping up bid to 2350.50 6:6 (2344.50 stop, 2356.50 offer) if any of our new guys dont understand the message please email us and we will gladly walk you through the order. Feb 20 9:20 AM
  74. Daily update: got long at the low tick of the move 🙂 I know some guys didnt get it though 🙁 if you got it we will hold over the close and keep stops and offer as is. If you didnt get it Ill update the bid after the reopen and try to get u guys in as well Feb 20 12:59 PM
  75. If you got filled earlier today leave stop and offer as is. If you didnt raise the bid to 2351.50 6:6 (2345.50 stop, 2357.50 offer) i will update most likely one more time tonight. Feb20 6:08 PM
  76. If u got filled please skip this, if u werent filled at either level 🙁 please raise bid to 2352.25 6:6 (2358.25 offer, 2346.25 stop) again if filled at either level leave ur offer and stop as is. Feb 20 9:54 PM
  77. Everyone should be long now 🙂 now all we need is a rip higher !! Feb 20 9:56 PM
  78. +6 for the guys who got filled at 2350.50 still holding for the members who got filled at 2351.50 and 2352.25 Feb 21 9:41 AM
  79. Guys who got filled 2351.50 overnight are out. Only the members who got 2352.25 are in. For those members please raise stop to breakeven (2352.25) Feb 21 9:43 AM
  80. Everyone should be out +6 !!!!! Good trade guys. Feb 21 9:46 AM
  81. Daily update : +6 today market continues to just go in one direction. Vol is still low so we will be conservative and pick only high % setups. Will look to bid after the reopen. Feb 21 4:21 PM
  82. Bidding 2355.25 6:6 (2349.25 stop, 2361.25 offer) might update the order later tonight Feb 21 6:06 PM
  83. Raising bid to 2357.25 6:6 (2351.25 stop, 2363.25 offer) Feb 21 10:53 PM
  84. +6 on this one 🙂 if u didnt get filled raise stop to breakeven (2357.25) Feb 22 10:45 AM
  85. If you didnt get filled at 2363.25 offer 2361.25 here as we get closer to fed minutes Feb 22 1:00 PM
  86. Everyone should be out 🙂 either +6 or +4 either way not bad considering day has been very slow. We caught 4 in a row now lets see if we can turn this mini streak into something bigger 🙂 Feb 22 1:02 PM
  87. Daily update: +6 or +4 today depending on the fill you got. Todays range was very narrow, so considering we are +12 or +10 on the week, Im going to be very conservative. I dont think market will stay in this small range for long, but I will stay conservative for the rest of the week. Feb 22 3:35 PM
  88. Daily update: we didnt have anything today as I sat on sidelines and let the market bounce around on headlines off the infrastructure spending being postponed. Being +12 for week allows us too only look for the best setups. With the market basically flat again today I just didnt see the opportunities. Will look for something tomm am if the market moves. Feb 23 4:08 PM
  89. Market indicators have turned slightly bearish for first time in weeks. Ill continue to monitor and see if they can stay that way. I wouldnt be shocked if market opens at the lows of the day and just trades higher after. So being very conservative and waiting for my spots today. FEb 24 7:49 AM
  90. Daily update: market did what I thought it would ripping off of the open and closing near the highs. Im glad we stayed on sidelines as opposed to trying to short a bounce. Will look to get aggressive again next week. +12 isnt bad considering how low vol markets have been. Feb 24 4:06 PM
  91. Last week ended slowly I want to end the month on a strong note 🙂 so will be looking for trades tomm am. Feb 26 6:15 PM
  92. Bidding 2363 6:6 (2357 stop, 2369 offer) not the strongest indicators, but I think being a bit aggressive here makes sense. Feb 27 10:47 AM
  93. Canceling bid as we missed it by 3 ticks 🙁 I guess wasnt aggressive enough. Feb 27 1:34 PM
  94. Daily update: another low vol day 🙁 we put out a bid, but unfortunately missed the fill by a few ticks before market ripped. I will be putting in a bid after the reopen. Feb 27 4:16 PM
  95. Bidding 2363.25 6:6 (2357.25 stop, 2369.25 offer) Feb 27 6:03 PM
  96. Raising bid to 2364 6:6 (2358 stop, 2370 offer) Feb 27 7:06 AM
  97. Raising bid slightly to 2364.75 6:6 (2358.75 stop, 2370.75 offer) Feb 28 8:51 AM
  98. Lowering offer to breakeven (2364.75) just not liking the action here Feb 28 12:15 PM
  99. Daily update : -6 today got caught on wrong side of some comments :(. Broke our little mini streak of 4 in a row. Hoping to start a new one. Wont have any trades until tomm am with trump speaking. Feb 28 4:05 PM

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