The SizeTrade team was put together by our head trader and mentor Gary. With over 15 years of trading experience, Gary has great insight and understanding about the pitfalls and missteps traders make as well as a deep fundamental and technical understanding of the markets.

Gary started out in the mail-room of a hedge fund in 1996 and worked his way up to becoming an assistant trader while still in college. Once he felt he could not progress any higher where he was, he made the decision to move on and realize his dream of trading his own portfolio.

In 1999 he realized that dream as a day trader at one of the largest prop firms on Wall Street. Being the youngest trader at the firm he quickly moved up through the ranks and was a top 10 out of 800 trader within 3 months of working at the fund.

During this time, Gary brought in many of his friends into trading and successfully taught and mentored them to become profitable traders.  In addition, while running a small group and maintaining his position as a top 10 trader, he was approached with an opportunity to spin off with some other top traders and create their own broker dealer.  After much thought Gary decided it was the right path and agreed.

At the new firm Gary mentored and taught many rookie traders successfully and the broker dealer expanded to cities outside of New York. Gary decided he would be in charge of development of the new offices. He went on to teach hundreds of traders to successfully make money in what was becoming a much harder market to make money in.

After years of training and mentoring traders, Gary was ready for his next step, and he teamed up with his old time friend and mentor, a 30 year veteran at some of the largest banks and funds in the world.

Together, they went on to create a hedge fund that successfully beat the market on a consistent basis.  As their fund expanded, Gary continued to train traders and expand the strategies the fund was running. The fund was  profitable every year even through the hard times of the 2007-2009 financial crisis.

Now Gary is ready for his next step of using his experience and training ability to help traders from all around the world over the Internet and through seminars.

He has developed several simple, historically profitable trading strategies whose signals he will share with traders all over the world. These are strategies Gary is currently trading and has a real track record with. He has also brought in a substantial team of traders whom he has taught and believes will bring a lot of knowledge to the SizeTrade community.

About SizeTrade

The goal of SizeTrade is to help new and experienced traders alike. We want to create a safe place for traders to come and learn from profitable traders.  We want to give our community the competitive edge that major banks and institutions have. With over 15 years of trading and training experience, Gary and our team have created a system of training for traders to become profitable. Where we succeed when others fail, is our ability to not only teach textbook patterns (that anyone can read in a book) but how to trade those patterns actually profitability.

99% of day traders lose money, but banks and funds keep making money. The main reason for this anomaly is their training. SizeTrade brings that top quality training and experience to our trading community.

One of the most exciting aspects of SizeTrade is Gary’s signals and trades which he will be giving out in real time. This will allow traders to see how Gary trades, his strategies and the ability to participate and trade in real time.

Unfortunately, the trading market is full of quacks and crooks. We understand traders are skeptical – and they should be. We ask that traders spend some time reading the incredibly rich and detailed content that we offer on SizeTrade. There is NO filler content on this site, and we strive to provide in-depth explanations that both beginners and more advanced traders will find valuable. Furthermore, for those interested in signals services, traders can get Instant access to our flagship Eagle signal. We always like to say, “We don’t have to convince you of anything. The numbers speak for themselves.”